10 CC" 10 CC (Remastered 2007)" 1973 (CD)
AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Remastered 2003)" 1976 (CD)
ACID REIGN "Obnoxios" 1990 (CD)
ADX "Suprematie" 1987 (CD)
ADX "La Terreur" 1986 (CD)
AGONY "The First Defiance" 1988 (CD)
AL BANO "Di Rose E Di Spine" 2017 (2 CD)
ALAN PARSON "The Secret" 2019 (CD)
ALAN PRICE "The Price To Play" 1967 (CD)
ALEC R.COSTADINOS "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" 1978 (CD)
ALVIN LEE "Let It Rock" 1978 (CD)
ALVIN LEE "Rx 5" 1981 (CD)
ALVIN LEE BAND "Freefall" 1980 (CD)
AMERICAN BOMBSHEL "Tattood ‘N Bruised" 2019 (CD)
ANDROMEDA "Andromeda" 1970 (CD)
ANGEL DUST "Into The Dark Past" 1986 (CD)
ANHTRAX "Spreading The Disease (Japan Edition)" 1985 (CD)
ANHTRAX "Among The Living (Japan Edition)" 1986 (CD)
ANHTRAX "State Of Euphoria (Japan Edition)" 1988 (CD)
ANHTRAX "Persistence Of Time (Japan Edition)" 1990 (CD)
ANIMALS "Animals / Animal Tracks (Remastered)" 1965 (CD)
ANIMALS "Animalisms (Remastered)" 1966 (CD)
ANTHRAX "Kings Among Scotland" 2018 (2 CD)
APOCALYPSE "Apocalypse" 1988 (CD)
ARCADEA "Arcadea" 2017 (CD)
ARTILLERY "By Inheritance" 1990 (CD)
ARTILLERY "Fear Of Tomorrow" 1985 (CD)
ARTILLERY "Terror Squad" 1987 (CD)
ASGARD "Dark Horizons" 1988 (CD)
ASIA "Symfonia (Live In Bulgaria 2013)" 2017 (2 CD)
ASSASSIN "Interstellar Experience" 1988 (CD)
ASTRAL DOORS "Worship Or Die" 2019 (CD)
ATHEIST "Elements" 1993 (CD)
ATOMIC ROOSTER "Devil's Answer" 1981 (CD)
ATOMIC ROOSTER "The Devil Hits Back" 1986 (CD)
AUTOGRAPH "That's The Stuff" 1985 (CD)
AUTOPSY "Severed Survival + Retribution For The Dead" 1989 (CD)
AUTOPSY "Mental Funeral" 1991 (CD)
AVANTASIA "Moonglow (Limited Edition)" 2019 (CD)
AVENGER "Prayers Of Steel/Depraved To Black" 1985 (CD)
AVIATOR "Aviator" 1987 (CD)
BAD COMPANY "Fame And Fortune" 1986 (CD)
BAPHOMET "No Answers" 1991 (CD)
BATTLEZONE "Fighting Back" 1986 (CD)
BEATLES "Kum Back" 1969 (Mini-Vinyl)
BEATLES "Fazzari / Gensere / Van De Mey / Hayes / Campbell / Lluellyn / Hollie - Lost Songs: Songs The Beatles Wrote But Never Recorded" 2006 (Mini-Vinyl)
BELPHEGOR "Totenritual" 2017 (CD)
BENEDICTION "Organised Chaos" 2001 (CD)
BETH HART & JOE BONAMASSA "Black Coffee (Deluxe Edition)" 2018 (CD)
BEYOND CREATION "Algorythm" 2018 (CD)
BEYOND THE BLACK "Heart Of The Hurricane" 2019 (CD)
BILL WYMAN & RHYTHM KINGS "Studio Time" 2018 (CD)
BILLY BOY ARNOLD "Chicago Blues: A Living History" 2009 (2 CD)
BILLY F GIBBONS AND THE BFG'S "Perfectamundo" 2015 (CD)
BILLY PRICE AND OTIS CLAY "This Time For Real" 2015 (CD)
BIO-CANCER "Tormenting The Innocent" 2015 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Headless Cross" 1989 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Forbidden" 1995 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Never Say Die (Remastered 2009)" 1978 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Master Of Reality (Remastered 2010)" 1971 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Dehumanizer (Remastered 2008)" 1992 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Eternal Idol (Remastered 1996)" 1987 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Heaven & Hell (Remastered 2008)" 1980 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Sabotage (Remastered 2009)" 1975 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Technical Ecstasy (Remastered 2009)" 1976 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Vol.4 (Remastered 2009)" 1972 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Mob Rules (Remastered 2008)" 1981 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Born Again (Remastered 1996)" 1983 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Cross Purposes" 1994 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Paranoid (Remastered 2010)" 1970 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Forbidden" 1995 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered 2009)" 1973 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Black Sabbath (Remastered 2010)" 1970 (CD)
BLACK SABBATH "Mob Rules" 2010 (2 CD-Digipack)
BLACKBERRY SMOKE "The Whippoorwill" 2012 (CD-Firm)
BLIND ILLUSION "The Sane Asylum" 1988 (CD)
BLITZKRIEG "Judge Not" 2018 (CD)
BLOODBATH "The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn" 2018 (CD)
BLUES COMPANY "Ain't Givin' Up" 2019 (CD)
BLUTENGEL "Leitbild" 2017 (CD)
BOB WEIR "Blue Mountain" 2016 (CD)
BODY COUNT "Bloodlust" 2017 (CD)
BOYZONE "Back Again … No Matter What: The Greatest Hits" 2008 (CD)
BREAKER "Dead Rider" 1985 (CD)
BRIAN MAY (Queen) "Another World" 1998 (CD)
BRIAN MAY (Queen) "Back To The Light" 1993 (CD)
BUCKCHERRY "Warpaint" 2019 (CD)
BURNING WITCHES "Hexenhammer (Limited Edition)" 2018 (CD)
BURZUM "Burzum / Aske" 1992 (CD)
BURZUM "Det Som Engang Var" 1993 (CD)
BURZUM "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" 1993 (CD)
BURZUM "Filosofem" 1996 (CD)
CANCER "Death Shall Rise" 1991 (CD)
CANCER "To The Gory End" 1990 (CD)
CANDLEMASS "The Door To Doom" 2019 (CD)
CANDLEMASS "The Door To Doom" 2019 (CD)
CANDLEMASS "Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus" 1986 (CD)
CANDLEMASS "Night Fall" 1987 (CD)
CANDLEMASS "Ancient Dreams" 1988 (CD)
CANNED HEAT "Hallelujah / Cook Book" 1968 (CD)
CANNED HEAT "Canned Heat / Boogie With Canned Heat" 1968 (CD)
CANNED HEAT "Future Blues" 1970 (CD)
CANNED HEAT "Historical Figures And Ancient Heads / The New Age" 1972 (CD)
CANNED HEAT "One More River To Cross" 1974 (CD)
CAPRICORN "Inferno" 1995 (CD)
CARCASS "Surgical Steel" 2013 (CD)
CATS IN SPACE "Daytrip To Narnia" 2019 (CD)
CCS "CCS" 1970 (CD)
CCS "CCS II" 1972 (CD)
CCS "The Best Band In The Land" 1973 (CD)
CELINE DION "Live A Paris" 1996 (DVD-Digipack)
CELTIC FROST "Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return" 1985 (CD)
CEREMONIAL OATH "Carpet" 1995 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK "Accept (Remastered)" 1970 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK "O.K. Ken? (Remastered)" 1969 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK "Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve (Remastered)" 1968 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK "Unlucky Boy (Remastered)" 1973 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK "Imagination Lady (Remastered)" 1972 (CD)
CHICKEN SHACK" 100 Ton Chicken (Remastered)" 1969 (CD)
CHILDREN OF BODOM "Hexed (Deluxe Edition)" 2019 (CD)
CLUTCH "Book Of Bad Decisions" 2018 (CD)
COCO MONTOYA "Can't Look Back" 2002 (CD)
COCO MONTOYA "Dirty Deal" 2007 (CD)
COHEED AND CAMBRIA "The Unheavenly Creatures" 2018 (CD)
CORONER "Death Cult" 1985 (CD)
CRANBERRIES "In The End" 2019 (CD)
CRIMSON GLORY "Crimson Glory" 1986 (CD)
CROSS "Shove It" 1988 (CD)
CROSS "Blue Rock" 1991 (CD)
CROSSBONES "Crossbones" 1989 (CD)
CRUACHAN "Nine Years Of Blood" 2018 (CD)
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Speak Your Peace" 1990 (CD)
CULT "A Miracle Summer Breeze" 1996 (CD-Firm)
DANTON "Way Of Destiny" 1988 (CD)
DARXON "Killed In Action" 1984 (CD)
DARXON "No Thrills" 1987 (CD)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 1" 1964 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 2" 1965 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 3" 1966 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 4" 1968 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 5" 1970 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 6" 1971 (Mini-Vinyl)
DAVE CLARK FIVE "The Complete History Vol. 7" 1977 (Mini-Vinyl)
DEAF DEALER "Keeper Of The Flame" 1986 (CD)
DEATH ANGEL "Dream Calls For Blood" 2013 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)" 1971 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Who Do We Think We Are" 1973 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Burn (30th Anniversary Edition)" 1974 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Deep Purple" 1969 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Machine Head" 1972 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Stormbringer" 1974 (CD)
DEEP PURPLE "Come Taste The Band" 1975 (CD)
DEFECATION "Killing With Kindness" 2019 (CD)
DEICIDE "Legion" 1992 (CD)
DESTRUCTION "Under Attack" 2016 (CD)
DESTRUCTION "Thrash Anthems II" 2017 (CD)
DESTRUCTION "Cracked Brain" 1990 (CD)
DEVASTATION "Violent Termination" 1987 (CD)
DEVASTATION "Signs Of Life" 1989 (CD)
DEVILDRIVER "Trust No One" 2016 (CD)
DEVIN TOWNSEND "Empath" 2019 (2 CD)
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT "Transcendence" 2016 (2 CD)
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA "Pacifisticuffs" 2017 (CD)
DIARY OF DREAMS "Hell In Eden" 2017 (CD)
DIMMU BORGIR "Eonian" 2018 (CD)
DIO "Lock Up The Wolfes" 1990 (CD)
DIO "Dream Evil (Remastered 2013)" 1987 (2 CD)
DIRTY DAVE OSTI "Midnight Mojo Man" 2018 (CD)
DISASTROUS MURMUR "Rhapsodies In Red" 1992 (CD)
DISTURBED "Evolution (Deluxe Edition)" 2018 (CD)
DON FELDER (Eagles) "American Rock 'N' Roll" 2019 (CD)
DON FELDER (Eagles) "Airborne" 1983 (CD)
DON HENLEY (Eagles) "The End Of The Innocence" 1989 (CD)
DONNA SUMMER "The Wanderer" 1980 (CD)
DR. JOHN "Celebrating Mac And His Music" 2016 (2 CD)
DREAM THEATER "Images & Words" 1992 (CD)
DWEEZIL ZAPPA "Via Zammata" 2015 (CD)
E.L.O. "A New World Record (Remastered 2006)" 1976 (CD)
E.L.O. "Balance Of Power (Remastered 2007)" 1986 (CD)
ELECTRIC PRUNES "Original Album Classics" 2013 (5 CD-Boxset)
ELECTRIC WIZARD "Wizard Bloody Wizard" 2017 (CD)
ELF "Trying To Burn The Sun (Remastered 2015)" 1975 (CD)
ELF "Elf (Remastered 2015)" 1972 (CD)
ELF "Carolina County Ball (Remastered 2015)" 1975 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Caribou (Remastered)" 1974 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Remastered)" 1975 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Remastered)" 1973 (CD)
ELTON JOHN "Too Low For Zero (Remastered)" 1983 (CD)
EMERALD SABBATH "Ninth Star" 2019 (CD)
END MACHINE "The End Machine" 2019 (CD)
ENFORCER "Zenith" 2019 (CD)
EPITAPH "Long Ago Tomorrow" 2019 (CD)
ERASURE "World Beyond!" 2018 (CD)
ERIC CLAPTON "From The Cradle (Japan Remastered 2011)" 1994 (CD)
ERIC CLAPTON "Journeyman (Japan Remastered 2011)" 1989 (CD)
ESCAPE "Escape" 1990 (CD)
EUROPE "Bag Of Bones" 2012 (CD-Firm)
EVENSTORM "…Attacks The Town!" 1991 (CD)
EX DEO "The Immortal Wars" 2017 (CD)
EXCITER "Unveiling The Wicked" 1986 (CD-Firm)
E-X-E "Stricken By Might" 1987 (CD)
E-X-E "Sicker Than I Thought" 1990 (CD)
FACES "A Nod Is As Good As A Wink...To A Blind Horse" 1971 (CD)
FALLUJAH "Undying Light" 2019 (CD)
FASTWAY "Fastway" 1983 (CD)
FEAR OF GOD "Toxic Voodoo" 1994 (CD)
FEAR OF GOD "Toxic Voodoo" 1994 (CD-Firm)
FISH "Fellini Days (Remastered)" 2016 (2 CD)
FISH "Raingods With Zippos (Remastered)" 2016 (2 CD)
FISH "Sunsets On Empire (Remastered)" 2016 (2 CD)
FLEETWOOD MAC "The Pious Bird Of Good Omen" 1969 (CD)
FLEETWOOD MAC "Then Play On" 1969 (CD)
FOOD BRAIN "Bansan (Social Gathering)" 1971 (CD)
FORMULA 1 "Queen Of Lie" 1992 (CD)
FRANKIE MILLER "Double Take" 2016 (CD)
FREDDIE MERCURY "Original Version - Single Version - Rarities" 2018 (2 CD)
GENE SIMMONS "Ass… Hole" 2004 (CD)
GEORDIE "Hope You Like It" 1973 (CD)
GEORDIE "Save The World" 1976 (CD)
GEORDIE "Don't Be Fooled By The Name" 1974 (CD)
GEORGE BENSON "Walking To New Orleans" 2019 (CD)
GEORGE HARRISON "Somewhere In England (Remastered 2004)" 1981 (CD)
GEORGE LYNCH "Shadow Train" 2015 (2 CD)
GILLAN / GLOVER "Accidentally On Purpose" 1988 (CD)
GIRL "Wasted Youth" 1981 (CD)
GLENN HUGHES "Addiction (Japan Edition)" 1996 (CD)
GOLIATH "Hot Rock & Thunder" 1975 (CD)
GOV'T MULE "Life Before Insanity" 2000 (CD)
GOV'T MULE "The Deep End Vol.2" 2002 (CD)
GOV'T MULE "The Deep End Vol.1" 2001 (CD)
GOV'T MULE "High & Mighty" 2007 (2 CD)
GRAND MAGUS "Sword Songs" 2019 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "Antem Of The Sun (Remastered)" 1968 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "Aoxomoxoa (Remastered)" 1969 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "From The Mars Hotel (Remastered)" 1974 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "Greateful Dead (Scull & Roses) (Remastered)" 1971 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "The Greateful Dead (Remastered)" 1967 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "Wake Of The Food (Remastered)" 1973 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "Workingman's Dead (Remastered)" 1970 (CD)
GRATEFUL DEAD "The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)" 1967 (2 CD)
GRAVESTONE "Doomsday" 1979 (CD)
GRIFFIN "Flight Of The Griffin" 1984 (CD)
GRIFFIN "Protectors Of The Lair" 1986 (CD)
GRINDER "Dawn For The Living" 1988 (CD)
GRINDER "Dead End" 1989 (CD)
GRINDER "The First EP" 1990 (CD)
GRINDER "Nothing Is Sacred" 1991 (CD)
GUESS WHO "American Woman" 1970 (CD)
HALLOWS EVE "Tales Of Terror" 1985 (CD)
HALLOWS EVE "Death & Insanity" 1986 (CD)
HALLOWS EVE "Monument" 1987 (CD)
HAVOC "The Grip" 1986 (CD)
HEAVEN WARD "Dangerous Nights" 1991 (CD)
HEAVY LOAD "Full Speed At High Level" 1978 (CD)
HEAVY LOAD "Metal Conquest" 1981 (CD)
HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys I" 1987 (CD)
HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys II" 1988 (CD)
HERETIC "Breaking Point" 1989 (CD)
HEXX "No Escape" 1984 (CD)
HIGH ON FIRE "Electric Messiah" 2018 (CD)
HIGH TIDE "High Tide (Remastered 2010)" 1970 (CD)
HIGH TIDE "Sea Shanties (Remastered 2010)" 1969 (CD)
HOLY MOSES "Queen Of Siam" 1986 (CD)
HOLY MOSES "Finished With The Dogs" 1987 (CD)
HOLY MOSES "The New Machine Of Liechtenstein" 1989 (CD)
IAN GILLAN & THE JAVELINS "Ian Gillan & The Javelins" 2018 (CD)
IMMOLATION "Dawn Of Possession" 1991 (CD)
IMPERIA "Flames Of Eternity" 2019 (CD)
IRON ANGEL "Winds Of War" 1986 (CD)
IRON ANGEL "Hellish Crossfire" 1985 (CD)
IRON MAIDEN "Iron Maiden (Remastered 1998)" 1980 (CD)
IRON MAIDEN "Death On The Road" 2005 (2 CD)
IRON MAIDEN "En Vivo!" 2012 (2 CD)
J.J. CALE "Stay Around" 2019 (CD)
J.J. CALE "Travel -Log" 1990 (CD)
JACK BRUCE AND THE CUICOLAND "Live At The Milkyway 2001" 2010 (2 CD)
JACK WHITE (White Stripes) "Boarding House Reach" 2018 (CD)
JANE "III" 1974 (CD)
JANE "Lady" 1975 (CD)
JANE "Age Of Madness" 1978 (CD)
JANE "Sign No.9" 1979 (CD)
JANE "Jane" 1980 (CD)
JANE "Germania" 1982 (CD)
JANE "Beautiful Lady" 1986 (CD)
JANE "…And In The Darkest Night" 2018 (CD)
JANIVA MAGNESS "Love Wins Again" 2016 (CD)
JANIVA MAGNESS "Love Is An Army" 2018 (CD)
JANIVA MAGNESS "What Love Will Do" 2008 (CD)
JEAN MICHEL JARRE "Equinoxe Infinity" 2018 (CD)
JEAN MICHEL JARRE "The Concerts In China (Remastered 2014)" 1982 (2 CD)
JEFF BECK, TIM BOGERT, CARMINE APPICE "Beck, Bogert & Appice" 1973 (CD)
JEFF PARIS "Lucky This Time" 1993 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "The Ballad Of John Henry" 2009 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Had To Cry Today" 2004 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Sloe Gin" 2004 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Dust Bowl" 2011 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Black Rock" 2010 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Blues Deluxe" 2003 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "Driving Towards The Daylight" 2012 (CD)
JOE BONAMASSA "You & Me" 2006 (CD)
JOHN GARCIA (ex-Kyuss) "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues" 2017 (CD)
JOHN GARCIA (ex-Kyuss) "And The Band Of Gold" 2018 (CD)
JOHN ILLSLEY (ex-Dire Straits) "Coming Up For Air" 2019 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "The Healer (Remastered)" 1989 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "Mr.Lucky (Remastered)" 1991 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "Don't Look Back (Remastered)" 1997 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "Boom Boom (Remastered)" 1992 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "Face To Face (Remastered)" 2003 (CD)
JOHN LEE HOOKER "Chill Out (Remastered)" 1995 (CD)
JOHN MAYALL "Nobody Told Me" 2019 (CD)
JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS WITH ERIC CLAPTON "John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton (Japan Remastered 2011)" 1966 (CD)
JOOLS HOLLAND & RUBY TURNER "Jools & Ruby" 2016 (CD)
JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) "Wired For Madness" 2019 (CD)
JUDAS PRIEST "Rocka Rolla (Remastered)" 1974 (CD)
JULIAN SAS "Coming Home" 2016 (CD)
JULIAN SAS "Stand Your Ground" 2019 (CD)
KALMAH "Palo" 2018 (CD)
KAYAK "Seventeen" 2018 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Earthbound" 1972 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Starless And Bible Black" 1974 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "The Construkction Of Light" 2000 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "The Power To Believe" 2003 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Thrak" 1995 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Usa" 1974 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Beat" 1982 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Discipline" 1981 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Three Of A Perfect Pair" 1984 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Red" 1974 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Larks' Tongues In Aspic" 1973 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Islands" 1971 (CD)
KING CRIMSON "Lizard" 1970 (CD)
KISS "Hoter Than Hell (Japan Edition)" 1974 (CD)
KISS "Dressed To Kill (Japan Edition)" 1975 (CD)
KISS "Dynasty (Japan Edition)" 1979 (CD)
KISS "Unmasked (Japan Edition)" 1980 (CD)
KISS "Animalize (Japan Edition)" 1984 (CD)
KORPIKLAANI "Kulkija" 2018 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "I (Remastered)" 1970 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "II (Remastered)" 1972 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Tour De France (Remastered)" 2003 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Autobahn (Remastered)" 1974 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Computer World (Remastered)" 1981 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Radio-Aktivity (Remastered)" 1975 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Techno Pop (Remastered)" 1986 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "The Man Machine (Remastered)" 1978 (CD)
KRAFTWERK "Trans Europe Express (Remastered)" 1977 (CD)
KREATOR "Enemy Of God" 2005 (CD)
KREATOR "Hordes Of Chaos" 2009 (CD)
KREATOR "Phantom Antichrist" 2012 (CD)
KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill" 1986 (CD-Firm)
KREATOR "Extreme Aggression" 1997 (CD-Firm)
KRIS BARRAS BAND "Divine & Dirty" 2018 (CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "How The West Was Won (Remastered 2018)" 1972 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "In Through The Out Door (Remastered 2015)" 1979 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Coda (Remastered 2015)" 1982 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Coda (Remastered 2015)" 2015 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "In Through The Out Door (Remastered 2015)" 2015 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Presence (Remastered 2015)" 2015 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Physical Graffiti" 1975 (2 CD)
LED ZEPPELIN "Mothership" 2010 (2 CD+DVD-Digipack)
LED ZEPPELIN "Earl's Court" 1975 (Mini-Vinyl)
LED ZEPPELIN "Minnesota Blues" 1994 (Mini-Vinyl)
LONELY ROBOT "Under Stars" 2019 (CD)
LOST SOCIETY "Braindead" 2016 (CD)
LOSTBOYS "Lost And Found" 1990 (CD)
LOUDNESS "Lightning Strikes" 1986 (CD)
LOVE CHILD "Love Child" 1994 (CD)
LUCIFER'S FRIEND "Black Moon" 2019 (CD)
LUCINDA WILLIAMS "Lucinda Williams" 1988 (CD)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Edge Of Forever" 1999 (CD)
MAGNUM "The Eleventh Hour" 1983 (CD)
MALEVOLENT CREATION "Retribution" 1992 (CD)
MANEGARM "Fornaldarsagor" 2019 (CD)
MANFRED MANN "Chapter Three Volume II" 1970 (CD)
MANIA "Changing Times" 1989 (CD)
MANIC STREET PREACHERS "Resistance Is Futile" 2018 (CD)
MARILLION "Radiation (Deluxe Edition)" 2013 (2 CD)
MARTY FRIEDMAN "True Obsession" 1996 (CD)
MASSACRE "The Second Coming" 1990 (CD)
MATTHEW FISHER (Procol Harum) "Matthew Fisher / Strange Days" 1981 (CD)
MERCILESS "The Awakening" 1989 (CD)
MERCILESS "The Treasures Within" 1992 (CD)
MERCILESS "Unbound" 1994 (CD)
MESSIAH FORCE "The Last Day" 1987 (CD)
MESSINA "Terrortory" 1990 (CD)
METAL CHURCH "Metal Church" 1985 (CD)
METAL CHURCH "The Human Factor" 1991 (CD)
METAL CHURCH "Weight Of The World" 2004 (CD)
MEZZROW "Then Came The Killing" 1990 (CD)
MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND "Love & Beyond" 2019 (CD)
MIDLAKE "The Courage Of Others" 2010 (CD-Firm)
MIKE MAREEN "Another Side Of Mike Mareen Part Two" 2019 (CD)
MOGG/WAY "Chocolate Box" 1999 (CD)
MONSTER MAGNET "Mindfucker" 2018 (CD)
MONSTROSITY "Imperial Doom" 1992 (CD)
MONSTROSITY "Millenium" 1995 (CD)
MORCHEEBA "Blaze Away" 2018 (CD)
MORTA SKULD "Dying Remains" 1993 (CD)
MORTA SKULD "As Humanity Fades" 1994 (CD)
MORTA SKULD "For All Eternity" 1995 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Too Fast For Love (Remastered)" 1982 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "The Dirt Soundtrack" 2019 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Dr. Feelgood (Remastered 2000)" 1989 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Girls, Girls, Girls (Remastered 2000)" 1987 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Saints Of Los Angeles" 2008 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Shout At The Devil (Remastered 2000)" 1983 (CD)
MOTLEY CRUE "Theatre Of Pain (Remastered 2000)" 1985 (CD)
MOTORHEAD" 1916" 1991 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "March Or Die" 1992 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Bastards" 1993 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Sacrifice" 1995 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Overnight Sensation" 1996 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Snake Bite Love" 1998 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "We Are Motorhead" 2000 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Another Perfect Day" 2001 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Hammered" 2002 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Inferno" 2004 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Kiss Of Death" 2006 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Motörizer" 2008 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "The Wörld Is Yours" 2010 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Iron First (Remastered)" 2001 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "On Parole (Remastered)" 2001 (CD)
MOTORHEAD "Ace Of Spades (Remastered)" 2001 (CD)
MUSE "Simulation Theory (Deluxe Edition)" 2018 (CD)
MYRATH "Shehili" 2019 (CD)
NAZARETH "Expect No Mercy" 1977 (CD)
NAZARETH "Sound Elixir" 1983 (CD)
NAZARETH "Malice In Wonderland" 1980 (CD)
NAZARETH "The Fool Circle" 1981 (CD)
NAZARETH "Snaz - Live" 1981 (2 CD)
NAZARETH "Loud'n'Proud" 1973 (CD)
NAZARETH "Hair Of The Dog (Japan Edition)" 1974 (CD)
NAZARETH "No Mean City (Japan Edition)" 1978 (CD)
NAZARETH" 2 X S (Japan Edition)" 1983 (CD)
NECROPHOBIC "Darkside" 1997 (CD)
NECROSANCT "Equal In Death" 1990 (CD)
NIGHTWISH "Angels Fall First (Remastered 2002)" 1997 (CD)
NIGHTWISH "Century Child (Remastered 2007)" 2002 (CD)
NIGHTWISH "Oceanborn" 1998 (CD)
NIGHTWISH "Once" 2004 (CD)
NIGHTWISH "Wishmaster (Remastered 2007)" 2000 (CD)
OBSCENITY "Perversion Mankind" 1994 (CD)
OMEN "Battle Cry (Remastered 2017)" 1984 (CD)
OMEN "Warning Of Danger (Remastered 2017)" 1985 (CD)
OMEN "The Curse + Nightmares (Remastered 2017)" 1986 (CD)
OMEN "Warning Of Danger" 1985 (CD-Firm)
ONKEL TOM "Bier Ernst" 2018 (CD)
OOMPH "Ritual" 2019 (CD)
OVERFLASH "Threshold To Reality" 1993 (CD)
OVERKILL "W.F.O." 1994 (CD)
OVERKILL "Bloodletting" 2000 (CD)
OVERKILL "Killbox 13" 2003 (CD)
OVERKILL "Immortalis" 2007 (CD)
OVERKILL "White Devil Armory" 2014 (CD)
OVERKILL "The Killing Kind" 1996 (CD)
OVERKILL "Ironbound" 2010 (CD)
OVERKILL "The Electric Age" 2012 (CD)
OVERKILL "The Wings Of War" 2019 (CD)
OVERKILL "Feel The Fire" 1985 (CD)
OVERKILL "Taking Over" 1987 (CD)
OVERKILL "The Years Of Decay" 1989 (CD)
OVERKILL "Horrorscope" 1991 (CD)
OVERKILL "The Grinding Wheel" 2017 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Blizzard Of Ozz" 1980 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Diary Of A Madman" 1981 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "The Ultimate Sin" 1986 (CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Diary Of A Madman (Remastered 2011)" 1981 (2 CD)
OZZY OSBOURNE "Scream" 2010 (CD-Firm)
PAGAN "Pagan" 1990 (CD)
PAGAN "The Weight" 1993 (CD)
PAIN "Insanity" 1986 (CD)
PAPA ROACH "Who Do You Trust?" 2019 (CD)
PARADISE LOST "One Second" 1997 (CD)
PARIAH "The Kindred" 1988 (CD)
PARIAH "Unity" 1997 (CD)
PARIS-FRANCE-TRANSIT (SPACE) "Paris-France-Transit" 1983 (CD)
PATRIARCH "World Within Worlds" 1993 (CD)
PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band" 1965 (CD)
PENDULUM OF FORTUNE "Return To Eden" 2019 (CD)
PETER GREEN "Peter Green Songbook, A Tribute To His Work / Splinter Group In Concert" 2003 (2 CD+DVD)
PETER GRIFFIN "Hurricane Is Commig" 1980 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "The Piper At The Gates Dawn (Remastered 2011)" 1967 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Remastered 2011)" 1987 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "A Saucreful Of Secrets (Remastered 2011)" 1968 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "Obscured By Clouds (Remastered 2011)" 1972 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "More (Remastered 2011)" 1969 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "The Division Bell (Remastered 2011)" 1994 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "The Final Cut (Remastered 2011)" 1983 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "Atom Heart Of Mother (Remastered 2011)" 1970 (CD)
PINK FLOYD "Ummagumma (Remastered 2016)" 1969 (2 CD)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Cambridge St/Ation: 1965 Recordings" 1965 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Cambridge St/Ation: 1967 Recordings" 1967 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Germin/Ation: 1968 Sessions" 1968 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Dramatis/Ation: 1969 Sessions" 1969 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Dramatis/Ation: 1969 The Man And The Journey" 1969 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Devi/Ation: 1970 Sessions" 1970 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Devi/Ation: More 1970 Sessions" 1970 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Revelber/Ation: 1971 Sessions" 1971 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "The Early Years. Continu/Ation : 1967-1974 Sessions" 1974 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Archives 1966-1967, Live Performance From The Film By Peter Whitehead" 1967 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 1 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 2 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 3 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 4 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 5 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 6 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 7 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 8 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 9 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Early Flights Volume 10 (Bootleg 1966-1994)" 2000 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Getting Better All The Time Vol. 1" 1974 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Getting Better All The Time Vol. 2" 1974 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Getting Better All The Time Vol. 3" 1974 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "BBC Sessions '67" 1967 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "BBC Sessions '68-69" 1969 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Bbc Sessions '70" 1970 (Mini-Vinyl)
PINK FLOYD "Bbc Sessions '71" 1971 (Mini-Vinyl)
POLTERGEIST "Depression" 1989 (CD)
POLTERGEIST "Behind My Mask" 1991 (CD)
PORCUPINE TREE "Up The Downstair" 1993 (CD)
PRETTY BOY FLOYD "Public Enemies" 2017 (CD)
PRETTY BOY FLOYD "Bullets & Lipstik" 1988 (CD)
PURTENANCE "Member Of Immortal Damnation" 1992 (CD)
PYRACANDA "Two Sides Of A Coin" 1990 (CD)
PYRACANDA "Thorns" 1992 (CD)
QUEEN "Queen II (Remastered 2011)" 1974 (CD)
RAVEN "Nothing Exceeds Like Excess" 1988 (CD)
REESE WYNANS & FRIENDS "Sweet Release" 2019 (CD)
REPORTAGE "Escape This World" 2019 (CD)
RESTLESS "Heart Attack" 1984 (CD)
REWARD "Break Out" 1988 (CD)
ROB THOMAS "Chip Tooth Smile" 2019 (CD)
ROBIN TROWER "Coming Closer To The Day" 2019 (CD)
ROGER DALTREY (ex-Who) "As Long As I Have You" 2018 (CD)
ROGER WATERS "This The Life We Really Want?" 2017 (CD)
ROLLING STONES "Their Satanic Majesties Request (Remastered)" 1967 (CD)
ROULETTE "Now" 2019 (CD)
RUMBLE MILITIA "They Give You The Blessing" 1990 (CD)
RUSH "Fly By Night (Remastered)" 1975 (CD)
RUSH "Permanent Waves (Remastered)" 2012 (CD)
S.A.D.O. "Shout!" 1984 (CD)
S.A.D.O. "Circle Of Friends" 1987 (CD)
S.A.D.O. "Sensitivy" 1989 (CD)
SACRILEGE "Turn Back Trilobite" 1989 (CD)
SAINT "Time's End" 1986 (CD)
SAMSON "Are You Samson" 1969 (CD)
SARCOFAGO "Hate" 1994 (CD)
SATAN "Cruel Magic" 2018 (CD)
SATYRICON "Satyricon" 2013 (CD)
SAVAGE ROSE "Universal Daughter" 2007 (CD)
SAVAGE ROSE "Love And Freedom" 2012 (CD)
SAVAGE ROSE "Roots Of The Wasteland" 2014 (CD)
SHOK PARIS "Concrete Killers" 1989 (CD)
SHOK PARIS "Steel And Starlight" 1987 (CD)
SIXX: A.M. "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" 2002 (CD)
SLADE "Rogues Gallery (Remastered)" 1985 (CD)
SLADE "Till Deaf Do Us Part (Remastered)" 1981 (CD)
SLADE "Well Bring The House Down (Remastered)" 1981 (CD)
SLADE "Whatever Happened To Slade? (Remastered)" 1977 (CD)
SLADE "You Boyz Make Big Noize (Remastered)" 1987 (CD)
SLASH "Ain't Life Grand" 2000 (CD)
SLASH "Slash" 2010 (CD)
SLASH "Apocalyptic Love" 2012 (CD)
SLASH "Living The Dream" 2018 (CD)
SLAYER "South Of Heaven" 1988 (CD)
SMOKIE "Bright Lights & Back Alleys (Remastered 2007)" 1977 (CD)
SMOKIE "Strangers In Paradise (Remastered 2016)" 1982 (CD)
SNOWY WHITE & THE WHITE FLAMES "The Situation" 2019 (CD)
SOILWORK "Verkligheten (Limited Edition)" 2019 (CD)
SORTILEGE "Hero's Tears" 1986 (CD)
SORTILEGE "Métamorphose" 1984 (CD)
SPACE "Magic Fly" 1977 (CD)
SPACE "Deliverance" 1978 (CD)
SPACE "Just Blue" 1979 (CD)
STEELTOWER "Night Of The Dog" 1984 (CD)
STEP CHILD "The Prayer" 1995 (CD-Firm)
STEREOPHONICS "Scream Above The Sounds" 2017 (CD)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN "The Sky Is Crying" 1991 (CD)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN "Texas Flood (Deluxe Edition)" 1983 (CD)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN "Couldn't Stand The Weather (Deluxe Edition)" 1984 (CD)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN "Soul To Soul (Deluxe Edition)" 1985 (CD)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN "In Step (Deluxe Edition)" 1989 (CD)
STRANGER "Pretty Angels" 1988 (CD)
STRANGER "The Bell" 1985 (CD)
SUBWAY "Hold On To Your Dreams" 1992 (CD)
SUE FOLEY "Back To The Blues" 2000 (CD)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "Still Cyco Punk After All These Years" 2018 (CD)
SUZI QUATRO "Aggro-Phobia (Remastered 2012)" 1976 (CD)
SUZI QUATRO "Suzi…And Other Four Letter Words (Remastered 2014)" 1979 (CD)
SUZI QUATRO "Rock Hard (Remastered 2012)" 1980 (CD)
SUZI QUATRO "Main Attraction (Remastered 2008)" 1982 (CD)
SUZI QUATRO "No Control" 2019 (CD)
SYD BARRETT (Pink Floyd) "Barrett (Remastered)" 2010 (CD)
SYD BARRETT (Pink Floyd) "The Madcap Laughs (Remastered)" 2010 (CD)
SYD BARRETT (Pink Floyd) "Opel (Remastered)" 2010 (CD)
TALON "Neutralized" 1984 (CD)
TARA LYNCH "Evil Enough" 2019 (CD)
TEN "Illuminati" 2018 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "About Time" 1989 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "Ssssh" 1969 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "Ten Years After" 1967 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "Stonehenge" 1969 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "Watt" 1970 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "Positive Vibration" 1974 (CD)
TEN YEARS AFTER "A Space In Time" 1971 (CD)
TESTAMENT "Demonic" 1997 (CD)
TESTAMENT "Low" 1994 (CD)
TESTAMENT "Practice What You Preach" 1989 (CD)
TESTAMENT "Souls Of Black" 1990 (CD)
TESTAMENT "The Legacy" 1987 (CD)
TESTAMENT "The New Order" 1988 (CD)
TESTAMENT "The Ritual" 1992 (CD)
TESTAMENT "Days Of Darkness" 2004 (2 CD)
TESTAMENT "Dark Roots Of Thrash" 2013 (2 CD)
TESTAMENT "The Legacy" 1987 (CD-Firm)
THE BYRDS "Untitled / Unissued" 1970 (2 CD)
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS "No Geography" 2019 (CD)
THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND "Roadsongs" 2010 (2 CD)
THY ART IS MURDER "Dear Desolation" 2017 (CD)
TIERRA SANTA "Quinto Elemento" 2017 (CD)
TONY ASHTON & JON LORD "The Last Rebel" 1971 (CD)
TONY CAREY (ex-Rainbow) "The Boystown Tapes" 1999 (CD)
TONY CAREY (ex-Rainbow) "Stanislaus County Kid I" 2010 (CD)
TONY CAREY (ex-Rainbow) "Stanislaus County Kid II" 2010 (CD)
TORI AMOS "Native Invader (Deluxe Edition)" 2017 (CD)
TOXIK "World Circus" 1987 (CD)
TOXIK "Think This" 1989 (CD)
TRANSIT "Catch Fire" 1994 (CD)
TRAVELING WILBURYS "Vol.1 & Vol.3" 1995 (CD)
TREATMENT "Power Crazy" 2019 (CD)
TRIVIUM "The Sin And The Sentence" 2017 (CD)
TRONOS "Celestial Mechanics" 2019 (CD)
TROUBLE "The Skull" 1985 (CD)
TYRANT "Ruling The World" 1988 (CD)
UFO "UFO 1" 1971 (CD)
UFO "High Stakes And Dangerous Men" 1992 (CD)
UFO "The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent (Remastered)" 2008 (CD)
UFO "No Place To Run (Remastered)" 2008 (CD)
UFO "Obsession (Remastered)" 1978 (CD)
UFO "Making Contact (Remastered)" 2008 (CD)
UFO "Misdemeanor (Remastered)" 2008 (CD)
UFO "Mechanix (Remastered)" 2008 (CD)
UNREST "Taste It" 1992 (CD)
UNREST "By The Light Of The Moon" 1995 (CD)
UNREST "Watch Out" 1997 (CD)
UNREST "Cold Steel Whisper" 1998 (CD)
UNREST "Bloody Voodoo Night" 2001 (CD)
USURPER "Divine Spiritual And Intellectual Development" 1990 (CD)
VENGEANCE "The Last Of The Fallen Heroes" 1994 (CD)
VENOM "Storm The Gates" 2018 (CD)
VIOLENT FORCE "Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow" 1987 (CD)
VIRUS "Pray For War" 1987 (CD)
VIRUS "Force Recon" 1988 (CD)
VULTURE "Fatal Games" 1990 (CD)
VULTURE "Easier To Lie" 1992 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "Dying For The World" 2002 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "Dominator (Remastered 2015)" 2007 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "Babylon (Remastered 2015)" 2009 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "The Last Command (Remastered 2010)" 1985 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "W.A.S.P. (Remastered 1997)" 1984 (CD)
W.A.S.P. "Unholy Terror" 2001 (CD)
WALTER TROUT "We're All In This Together" 2017 (CD)
WARBRINGER "Woe To The Vanquished (Japan Edition)" 2017 (CD)
WEST, BRUCE & LAING "Whatever Turns You On" 1973 (CD)
WHITESNAKE "Flesh & Blood" 2019 (CD)
WHO "Tommy: The Original Soundtrack (Japan Remastered 2011)" 1969 (2 CD)
WIGELIUS "R31nv3nt1ons" 2012 (CD-Firm)
WITCHERY "I Am Legion" 2017 (CD)
WITHIN TEMPTATION "Black Symphony" 2008 (CD+DVD)
ZED YAGO "From Over Yonder" 1988 (CD)
ZED YAGO "Pilgrimage" 1989 (CD)
ПОЕЗД УШЕЛ "….В Замочную Скважину" 1984 (CD)



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